aerial services with drones

SkyZoOm brings you the latest technology to capture aerial images. To do this we offer two types of services:

  • Car + drone pilot rental (equipped with sensors or provided by customer).
  • Complete development of projects related to any of their uses.

We have the lastest RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, popularly known as "DRONES") technology, which embarked different cameras depending on the required work; Thus, we can cover a multitude of applications by capturing different types of aerial image:


Topography with UAV / RPAS

Capture of aerial panoramic photographies in HD and subsequent treatment with the corresponding photogrammetric software (cartographic studies of small or big surfaces, orthophotography, civil engineering, urban planning…)


Multispectral images with UAV / RPAS

They are images built by the different wave lengths that objects send depending on their capacity to reflect solar radiation (industrial technical inspections, plague and crops control, ripening control of harvests…)


Thermography with UAV / RPAS

It allows to remotely measure exact temperatures with no need for physical contact, measuring the infrared radiation (industrial technical inspections, energy efficiency, water or gas leaks localization, rescue and search…)


Aerial reports with UAV / RPAS

Aerial recording of photo and video in HD (industrial technical inspections, crop control, surveillance, urban control, promotional features)

There are as many applications as you can think of, and the use of RPAS or DRONES implies a great reduction in capture time and cost. This way, SkyZoOm provides the public with this state-of-the-art technology, covering from the most technical operations to the needs of individuals.