advantages of drones

Advantages of UAV / RPAS

  • Cost Reduction
  • Time reduction
  • Labour risk reduction
  • Difficult access areas
  • Stabilized stationary flight
  • Territorial mobility
  • Ecology and environment


Cost reduction: one of the main advantages of RPAS or DRONES in comparison with the traditional use of manned planes for aerial phography, lies mainly in the significant cost reduction when performing the same tasks. The use of drones avoids airport charges, gas and pilots. All those reductions affect directly the final cost of the service, so much that even individuals can hire the use of a drone.


Time reduction: in the case of multi-days services, the costs of daily travel expenses to/from nearest aiport are inexistant. Once the SkyZoOm team has moved to the area to be surveyed, all dedicated time is effective working time. Furthermore, we have to take into account the capacity of RPAS or DRONES to fly during night hours, that for some kind of technical or rescue works may be very useful and thus shortening the execution times.


Labour cost reduction: as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles they can enter into polluted areas (fumes, gas, toxic waste…), avoiding the use of persons to degraded areas that may imply health risks.

In the same way, these RPAS or DRONES are also useful in height inspections, reducing the need for the access of specialized personnel equipped with special labour safety requipment to risk areas.


Difficult access areas: Thanks to the small dimensions and easy handling of RPAS or DRONES, they can enter in geographically complicated areas where a manned plane would not be able to. A drone can access places like caves, tunnels or chimneys.


Stabilized stationary flight: another advantage of RPAS or DRONES in comparison with planes is how easily they can perform a low level stabilized stationary flight, that is, that is remains static in a specific point. This option allows to capture aerial pictures and videos in HD quality.


Territorial mobility: SkyZoOm offers its services nationwide and also internationally, an advantage with companies based in several countries or regions.


Ecology and environment: the use of RPAS or DRONES is a much more ecologic option for the capture of aerial pictures, as these doesn’t generate polluting emissions. At SkyZoOm we are committed to ecology and we have developed a policy of treatment and recycling of all our waste, respectful with the environment.