aerial report with drones

Aerial report with UAV / RPAS

"An image is worth a thousand words"


Aerial video and photography allow the surveillance from a privileged perspective, very different from the standard one, and the innovative technology of RPAS or DRONES, due to their stability and handling, allows them to record aerial images even inside of some buildings.

 Thanks to the cost reductions that implies the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, SkyZoOm provides the general public with the aerial capture of images of videos.

 You can obtain panoramic videos and pictures of great quality and image stability, thanks to the use of RPAS or DRONES equipped with HD cameras, that may be used in multiple applications:

Promotional Reports: The use of images is a must in publicity for the promotion of any product. RPAS or DRONES makes it easier for you and it significantly reduces costs when recording aerial promotional reports and private and public companies will an easier access to this important marketing tool.

  • Tour operators, hotel owners and golf courses
  • Tourist promotion and/or business promotion of towns and regions
  • Real-estate agencies
  • HD video commercials for any other business

The high quality of images obtained by RPAS or DRONES allows any post-editing (mix with traditional video, time elapsed videos, 3D…), getting top quality technical and/or artistic finishes.

(Note: currently and until the final Spanish legislation on this matter is published, scheduled for mid- 2015, flying populations or crowds of people is forbidden under severe penalties).