Agriculture and Livestock with UAV / RPAS

The use of RPAS or DRONES allows the surveillance of great spaces from a privileged perspective, even during night hours, and compare their evolution throughout time. In addition, they are a much more ecological option, as drones don´t generate any kind of pollutants. And all the above at a much lower cost than traditional methods.


The possibility that SkyZoOm offers to capture all kind of aerial images (HD photo and video, thermal and multispectral) open a wide range of possibilities for environmental surveillance and control.

Control and ripening crops: Capturing digital aerial photography of large areas of land allows rapid identification of crop species and counting them easily and with lower costs. In addition, the use of multispectral sensors enables the control of the fields, giving information on the ripening of crops, thus achieving maximum optimization of periods and areas of collection and vintage.

Control of irrigation: The shortage of water resources makes it increasingly important to have a greater efficiency in their management and utilization. The Unmanned Aircraft equipped with thermal and multispectral sensors allow rapid detection of leaks in irrigation systems and evaluate their effectiveness. These studies help to plan maintenance, repairs and improvements to increase the efficiency of irrigated crops.

Pest Control: Capturing aerial multispectral imaging is extremely useful for identifying areas of diseased trees and invasive species or crop tool. Greatly reduces the time and cost of detection and limits the affected areas with high accuracy. Allows you to plan treatments and assess their effectiveness and evolution over time.

Livestock Control: using aerial HD video and aerial thermography locating and counting cattle is provided, being able to monitor large areas in a short time.